Putting A Lens On Cyber Security Training

Cyber security, also popularly known as information technology security is an area of specialization that focuses on protecting networks, data, programs and computers from authorized access, destruction or change.

Cyber security skills are required by corporations, hospitals, military, governments, financial institutions and other any other bodies that might need to protect their information.

Cyber security training

To have cyber security skills you need to undertake cyber security training. This is a training that is offered in a number of government and private institutions.

During your study you will focus on four main areas: white collar crime, information risk management, Cyber resilience law and digital forensics.

White collar crime: this is a non-violent crime that is done by skilled professionals. As a cyber crime student you will focus on computer fraud. This is where you will study ways used by hackers to access computers and get sensitive information such as: credit card, bank and proprietary information.

After studying the different ways, you will learn ways of avoiding them. This can include: coming up with unique computer codes, installing special software and many other effective ways.

Information risk management: here you learn how to assess, mitigate, and evaluate data risks. Basically you learn how to identify when there is an information breach. You also learn the different countermeasures that you can take to manage the problem.

In the course you will learn about the different tools that you can use to identify a breach and how to control the problem as soon as possible.

As a great cyber security expert you should not only control the problem, you should also put measures in place to ensure that the problem doesn’t happen again.

Cyber law: this is where you learn the laws that relate to the internet. The course is meant to enlighten you on what is right and what isn’t on the internet. It also lets you know the repercussions of breaking the laws.

Cyber law is broad and touches different areas including: privacy, communication and freedom of speech, hardware, software, email, websites, intellectual property, data storage devices and any other area that your tutor might feel necessary to touch on.

Digital forensics: this is basically the study of ways and techniques of collecting, analysing and preserving electronic data for future use. You will learn the different techniques of getting data from different devices and analysing it. You will also learn how to store the data in different devices and in different forms.


As you have seen there is a lot that you will learn in cyber security training. There is high demand for excellent cyber security experts. To be a great expert you need to attend a great learning institution.

While there are many institutions offering the training, only a few are great. You should do your research and only attend the best institution that is convenient for you.


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